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A Successful Launch Day

A Successful Launch Day

Dear Gloss Boss,

You may be getting discourage after launching and you are getting little to no sales. You may be thinking of giving up. You may even think this business is not for you, or you may be afraid to launch in fear of failing. Think again. Change that mindset and attitude right now! Let's take a look at two tips that helped me have a successful launch. 

What I made on launch day:  


Quality Content

Having quality content is extremely important. Think about Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. How did she start advertising her brand? I'm not talking about WHERE, I'm talking about HOW. Yes, you saw it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and all the other social sites, but how did the pictures look? How were the photos and videos presented? Clean, crisp and quality. Take a look at one of the photos advertising my lip balm. 


I made sure it was bright enough for the user to see. The colors were vibrant enough and the quality of the photo was high. I hadn't launched yet, but this photo enticed people to try out my lip balm. I'll be posting a YouTube video about how I take my product photos. Be sure to check out more videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Running Affective Ads

Are you someone who does not know how to run effective Facebook ads? I always tell people what Ads course help me understand how to run them. I joined a Facebook group called "Boutique Success" created by Janice. Her Intro To Ads course is the I learned so much from her. She even allows a break down of payments to make sure it's affordable for everyone. When I tell you.. this ads course helped me build my target audience, figure out what type of ads I needed to run and more! I advertised my brand before it even released the RIGHT way. I highly encourage you check out her course. 

I hope you got a good read Gloss Boss! If you have anymore question related to business and how to grow in sales, social media and more check out our Consulting & Business category. 


Jessica A


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