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Featured Gloss: "Diamonds" 

Dress Olive Beauty began with an urge to become financially free pursuing an unforeseen passion. Owner, Jessica, decided to take a leap of faith and dive into the rabbit hole of research. What makes a woman feel beautiful? It's not just the lip gloss, lip stick, and eye shadow. It's the experience of creating the finishing look with the lip gloss, lip stick and eye shadow. The look in her eyes when she glances at herself in the mirror reviewing each product applied to her face. 

Dress Olive Beauty strives to create products that support inclusion & provide coverage for a longer lasting experience. Lip gloss is our specialty, but we offer a plethora of products to add to the overall experience. Nudes are a girl's best friend. Pigmentation is our forte. Daily research goes into creating the close to perfect products your all enjoy. Our handmade, cruelty-free & vegan gems are what you need! Many women across the globe are joining the experience. You should too!